Tue. 25 November '14

CitySkate Ice Rink Now Open!

cityskate One of the fondest memories of the holidays is ice skating. Places where ponds freeze over or Rockefeller Center in New York City get to experience it every year. We don't exactly experience the holidays the same way in the Valley. The city of Phoenix has been changing that, though. The CitySkate ice rink at CityScape is officially open. The 5,442 square foot rink made of real ice has plenty of room for you and loved ones to enjoy. Tickets cost $12 for kids and adults. There are military, seniors, and student discounts. With you ticket, you're allowed reentry for that day only. Proceeds from the tickets will go a charities around the Valley. It's the perfect way to spend some holiday fun with the family. For more information, click here.

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