Tue. 4 November '14

David Osmond Stops by the Valley to Raise Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

© Tim Soter David Osmond, nephew to the famous Donny and Marie Osmond, is on a mission to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. He stopped by the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday to sing songs and encourage others that there are ways to fight back against MS. Diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis at 26-years-old, David has been battling the disease for nearly a decade. With the odds seemingly stacked up against him, David has never backed down, though, the fight can be tough. "Every hour, more than one person is diagnosed with MS," he said. David was invited to come to Arizona to be part of the Walk MS: Phoenix event on Saturday. He was there to do what he does best, sing songs and meet and greet people. This past year, David has been busy. The country-wide tour, as part of the Our Voice in Song campaign, has let him meet all kinds of people. He recorded the song "I Can Do This", which is devoted to inspiring people, not only those with MS, but people with any sort obstacle they need to overcome. "I wanted to write a song that talked about my experience with MS," he said. "The ups and downs, the hardships that it is. I wanted to be careful not to make a cheesy, sappy song. I wanted to do something that didn't scream MS but at the same time. People with and without MS can relate to it, he added. The song is also a tribute to David's famous family, who absolutely inspired the song. His grandfather, George Osmond, gave him words of wisdom that holds onto today. "I promise you David, you can do it. You can do it. David, Fight. Keep pushing back and I promise you, you'll succeed," David recalled. It was that tenacity, that drive, and strength that is the whole inspiration behind the song, he said. Just because there's no cure, that doesn't mean there's no way to fight back. "It's affects people so different, but good news, there's awesome things happening out there in the world of MS," he said. "There's therapy, there's treatment." With the support that's around, that e have access to when we get involved in the MS community. The support system that the MS community offers is what get's people through the battle, he said. "The people who fight back with just the power of positive thinking do fantastically better than those who don't," he said. David will continue to meet and inspire others throughout his tour. You can download the song "I Can Do This" for free by clicking here. Also, be sure to watch the music video here.

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