Thu. 23 April '15

Our List of Items You Just Have to Have


Scoop Factory has put together a brief list of items that you just have to have. And with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, we may have just given you a great gift idea.


The Quip is an electric toothbrush handle that will last for life. New brush heads and paste are shipped every three months, as recommended by dentists, to promote better upkeep for users.

Created to suit the modern lifestyle and engineered to do the basics better, the Quip encourages a regular routine, ensures correct technique, and enables more effective upkeep.

The automatic brush head is guided by a smart electric motor that helps model correct technique and timing with pulses every 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Manual brushes, single brush heads, and travel and home toothpaste tubes start at $5.

The electric brush starter pack starts at just $25 and allows consumers to choose a handle and get a free head and paste set. Refill packs are sent every three months for just $10. This subscription service conveniently reminds users to replace their brush head on time by having supplies delivered straight to their door. So there is no commitment and no hassle. For more information about Quip, visit their website at

Mansfield Time

Mansfield Time gear is built for adventure and supports the passion of everyone from full time workers to hardcore outdoorsmen by providing products that last. From Midnight Zulu to Gunmetal Blue, Mansfield watches are timeless and durable.

For more information about Mansfield Time and shop their collection of watches, visit their website at


The iKettle, the world’s first WiFi Kettle, provides a simple one-touch setup that allows consumers to control the device from anywhere in their house via a smart-phone. The Wake mode gently rouses consumers from sleep for a wake-up call that offers to get the kettle going.

The iKettle comes with four tailored and precise temperature settings to provide a flawless brew. And even though it is packed full of incredible technology, its clean stainless steel design, LED Backlit control panel, soft-touch rubber handle and functional filtered spout are aesthetically pleasing.

For more information about the iKettle, visit

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