Fri. 13 March '15

Uptown Plaza x Modern Manor Mid-Century Collab in the Works


Kylie and Ryan Durkin, owners of the popular Phoenix furniture design boutique Modern Manor, are joining efforts with Vintage Partners in bringing modern charm to Uptown Plaza, the landmark 1950s shopping center on the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Camelback Road. Vintage Partners, the Arizona-based commercial real estate development and investment company, began the renovation in late 2014.

The Durkins are experts in all things mid-century and modern, and are focused on restoring the center’s signature 1950s style while still making it relevant and inviting for today’s shoppers. The high-wattage design duo joins designer Nelsen Partners, builders Kitchell Contractors, and landscape architect Kristina Floor of Floor & Associates.

The Uptown Plaza renovation is scheduled for completion in fall 2015, with additional tenants to be announced in April. The delicate demolition process has already uncovered 50s-era details such as original hand-painted signage on the red brick storefronts. Additionally, several key items have been repurposed, including the original Arthur Murray Dance Studio’s wooden floor, which is being used in several historic home remodels in the Willo district, and the iconic windows from The Good Egg, which have been donated to a local church.

For more information about Vintage Partners, click here. For more information about Modern Manor, click here.

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