Tue. 19 June '12

Movie Review: The Intouchables

theintouchables While we know we might be a bit slow with the uptake on this one (the movie hit Camelview some two weeks ago), we believe when you see a truly great film, you have tell your friends about it. Well, consider us besties because The Intouchables is a summer must-see different from the blockbusters hitting the big screen. First of all, it's in French (and there is nothing like seeing a foreign film to make you feel 10x more intelligent in a matter of hours) and second of all, it's the kind of movie that you never really want to end. You will leave the theatre thinking,'Why aren't all movies that good?' ....and then fall into a minor depression similar to when you finish a really great book. The characters are real, the story is moving and the dialogue is fresh, funny and highly entertaining. Already the second most successful French movie of all time in ticket sales, The Intouchables is a feel good film in any language. The story follows a wealthy tetraplegic who hires a young, recently incarcerated man from the projects as his caretaker. The two form an unlikely friendship that will have you tearing up and doubling over in your seat. And while it may come across as the kind of cliché film where two men form an unlikely friendship to discover that life really is beautiful, there are many aspects that make it worthwhile for even the pickiest of cinema goers. For example, the movie opens with a high-speed car chase and includes lots of R rated innuendoes that cross over all genre lines. Not to mention the serious eye candy that is actor Omar Sye for the ladies.  After the first five minutes, you forget that you're watching a film in a different language and fall in love with the humanity of it. Oh, and it's based on a true story. Check out The Intouchables at Camelview ASAP.
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