Fri. 4 November '11

Rock Star of the Season

linkin-park-chester-bennington-003 Fresh off a world tour, Chester Bennington, the Arizona-raised lead singer of Linkin Park, is shining his star towards Cardon's Children's Medical Center's Pediatric Rehabilitation Center at the "Stars of the Season" charity event Saturday, November 12th. We admit to being a bit star struck when chatting with Bennington, his wife Talinda and their dog-turned-pet-therapist, Bruiser this week. But what struck us the most about our chat wasn't details of his Grammy Award winning rap-metal band. We found ourselves awestruck at the the passion and commitment Bennington and his family have for Cardon's and the future of the growing medical center. When we asked how a kid from Mesa's Centennial High struck it big with one of the biggest bands in the world, Bennington graciously chuckled, "Luck. 2% talent and 98% luck." Hard to believe luck allowed Linkin Park to organically create a new style of metal/rap music, win two Grammy Awards and sell over 50 million albums. But hey, who are we to argue? But luck had nothing to do with Bennington's involvement with the Cardon's charity event this year. He told us inspiration came from a little nudge from his wife, who regularly visits the center with Bruiser, and soon he and his side project band, Dead by Sunrise, were set to play an acoustic set at the elegant dinner soiree. Beyond lending his name and fame to the event, Bennington exhibited to us a commitment to seeing Cardon's grow year by year. This year's fundraising efforts are off to a killer start with the pre-event auction of 2 Victoria's Secret NYC Fashion Show tickets nabbing $25,000 for the Pediatric Rehab Center already. Tickets to the Stars of the Season on Saturday, November 12 at the Montelucia Resort & Spa can be purchased for $250 by calling (602) 747-4608. Read more from Bennington's "Rock Star of the Season" on Desert Living Today.
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