Thu. 22 December '11

Fashion Meets Architecture

studiojoyli You may have seen Studio Joy Li at the Scottsdale Waterfront Mix Shops and thought it's a pricey designer boutique from New York or Los Angeles. Though the design, craftsmanship and the storefront would rival any NYC or LA boutique, Studio Joy Li houses the local designer clothing of Joy Li. The warm and friendly woman-owned boutique of Studio Joy Li houses the brilliant, wearable collection of designs by Li, a veteran designer in the fashion industry working for companies such as Liz Claiborne and Guess. The philosophy of design is described by the designer as "confident, comfortable" and is unconcerned with trends. Rather, she focuses on the customer and her lifestyle with an emphasis on the European contemporary color-palette, which centers on sophistication and neutrality allowing pieces from Studio Joy Li to mix-n-match almost effortlessly. Li says, "Our Scottsdale store is our testing lab," meaning this first and current flagship boutique is where Li tests her merchandise for quality, listens to feedback from customers, responds to the market and runs her business with business partner Jean Bartolomei. Li's current collection photographed by Christos Sewell at the award-winning Desert House by Circle West Architect's Peter Koliopoulos, is an exquisite expression of fashion meeting architecture. For Li, Desert House was the perfect setting for her latest designs, saying Desert House "speaks" with the layers of organic and modern textures from the house including rock, water and earth, like the interchangeable, contemporary and textural pieces found at Studio Joy Li. Koliopoulos said this of Li, "Joy's design aesthetic moves beyond the mere symbols of fashion. Details express what the basic idea of the design requires for each relevant piece: belonging or separation, tension or lightness, friction or fragility...When I design building environments, I try and give them this kind of presence." For more information about Studio Joy Li and to see more of her newest collection, click here to Desert Living Today or to shop online, please click here. Studio Joy Li at The Mix Shops | 7144 E. Stetson Drive, Ste. 100 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | 480-970-1043