Tue. 11 October '11

The Funk Lab Funks You Up

1smithresidence Have you ever walked into a place and said, "This place is cool." There's that vibe of cool, calm, sophistication and intelligence that makes you want to stay awhile. That's just the feeling we got when entering The Funk Lab, the home of Edge Industries in Downtown Phoenix. So we stayed, had an espresso at their back office bar and chatted art and design for an afternoon with Edge Industries. The Funk Lab, owned by Edge Industries Cruise Director Kirby Hoyt, is an unassuming 1920's built former grocery store on Grand Avenue, bought by Hoyt as the mother ship for EI, and as a collaborative idea-space for art, ideas, events and design. The lab regularly opens its doors to local artists and designers as a place for inspiration, creation and demonstration of their works. Edge Industries is a landscape urbanism firm, known for synthesizing land and development in the realm of land planning, urban design, and landscape architecture. With its local team of three and offices around the globe, EI stretches the limits of an landscape design firm daily by undertaking an array of projects ranging from silk-screening a clients' birthday shirts, to the Biltmore Remodel, to designing a biomedical town (yes, an entire town!) in Southern Korea. Get funked yourself at The Funk Lab on October 22nd for their open house and reception. The funk-fest starts at 3:00 p.m. with entertainment, art and more. The Funk Lab / Edge Industries | 1007 Grand Avenue | Phoenix, AZ 85007 For a gallery of works by Edge Industries, visit Desert Living Today.