Fri. 16 March '12

Discount Cab Continues “Free Ride Back”

discountcab For the 12th year in a row, Phoenix based Discount Cab will be continuing its Free Ride Back program. Costing the company $77,500 in free rides per year, the program is designed to keep drunken drivers off the road and out of those dreaded pink undies, courtesy of Sheriff Joe. To make Free Ride Back that much easier, Discount has just launched its new iPhone app and newly redesigned reloadable gift cards. All of this comes just in time for tomorrow’s green-hued antics aka St. Patrick’s Day, and the remaining Spring Training season. To take advantage of the Free Ride Back program, simply call 602-200-2000 in Phoenix, or 520-200-2000 in Tucson, and specify if you want a ride and a “Free Ride Back” to your car the next morning. Discount Cab gives you a code, which you give to the driver the next morning for the ride back to your car. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, for one day only, Discount Cab’s new iPhone app can be used not just to get a cab, but to get a Free Ride Back as well. So make your way to the app store before making your way to the beer garden tomorrow.